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NUMC Addresses NSWCA Regarding Pandemic, Concerns and Safety Precautions

Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) Addresses NSWCA Regarding Pandemic, Concerns and Safety Precautions

Set against a backdrop of the Omicron variant surge, a legal and medical expert from the Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) addressed the NSWCA membership with a powerful remote learning presentation regarding concerns about the spread of COVID variants and taking safety precautions within the workplace.

NUMC’s Chief Legal Officer Megan Ryan introduced Dr. Janice Verley, Chief of Infectious Diseases, as Dr. Verley spoke on the timely topic of ‘COVID Pandemic, Ongoing Concerns and Safety Precautions’.  NSWCA ( consists of 63 voter-elected water commissioners who collectively are responsible for maintaining and providing the highest standards of water quality, supply and distribution to more than 620,000 consumers, as well as being responsible for the safety of District employees who qualify as essential service providers.

Dr. Verley noted the dizzying statistic of more than 65,800,000 documented cases of COVID since the start of the pandemic, and the startling 850,000 deaths that have been recorded in the United States through January 2022.

“Understanding the facts of how the virus is spread and transmitted is the first step in successfully addressing COVID in the workplace and keeping employees safe,” Dr. Verley stated. The presentation noted the importance of taking rapid antigen tests or the more accurate lab-based PCR test if people feel ill. In the case of hospitalizations, intravenous anti-viral and steroids treatments are being used. The presenters pointed out that further treatments could include monoclonal antibody treatments.

Dr. Verley and Ms. Ryan stressed the multiple precautions that could help prevention and keep workers safe within local water districts. They pointed out workplace safety includes fastidiously maintaining a fully clean and sanitized work environment in the office as well as in vehicles. Employees should be urged to wash hands and sanitize frequently, use proper masks, and maintain safe distances wherever possible. Dr. Verley and Ms. Ryan strongly stressed the necessity to be vaccinated with all appropriate boosters.

NSWCA President and Locust Valley Water District Commissioner and Chairperson Patricia Peterson introduced Ms. Ryan and Dr. Verley to a receptive commissioner-only audience and later thanked them on behalf of the entire NSWCA organization for their informative presentation. “We appreciate the tireless and selfless efforts of our healthcare heroes and dedicated efforts of Dr. Verley on the front lines in the battle against this unprecedented pandemic. Our membership appreciates the knowledge and guidance provided by Nassau University Medical Center experts and collectively we will apply their recommendations within the workplace of water districts.”