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Water Facts

10 Summer Water Tips

Ways to reduce water consumption and conserve during summer months

Spring Conservation

10 Important Spring Tips For Water Conservation

Brrr! 12 Winterizing Tips

12 Useful Water Tips For The Winter Months

Safeguarding LI’s Water Supply

Long Island’s water has come under great scrutiny in recent years due to emerging contaminants

Keeping LI's Water Flowing

Long Island water providers have met the challenge without exception since the terrible virus first appeared on these shores.

Urgent News About COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The spread of the coronavirus represents an unprecedented situation.

DEC Timeline

50-year history of DEC and highlights of environmental milestones.

Long Island Aquifers

Basic facts and answers to frequently asked questions

Bottled Water: A close up look

Is bottled water really a good idea? Maybe not if you examine the facts. Here are 10 very surprising statistics.