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Water Quality Sampling

At a recent Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) meeting hosted by Jericho Water District Commissioners Anthony J. Cincotta, Thomas A. Abbate, James Asmus and District Superintendent Peter F. Logan, guest speaker Mr. Andrew McLoughlin from Mueller Co. presented a program on water quality sampling from dedicated sample points in distribution networks.  This was followed by a question and answer period. Commissioners from the 21 water districts that comprise the NSWCA were in attendance.

JWD NSWCA 1.16.17

Left To Right, Jericho Water District Superintendent Peter F. Logan, Jericho Water District Commissioners Thomas A. Abbate, Anthony J. Cincotta and James Asmus.

Mr. McLoughlin advanced the benefits of using a dedicated sampling point for collection of water quality samples, including a higher degree of control, ease of collection, lower risk of recording a positive sample, and getting a sample that is a true representation of water quality. He discussed aspects of warm and cold climate sample stations and delved into internal construction, including use of low lead brass and stainless steel, freeze protection and locking enclosure options.  “Our models are built of durable construction designed for all climates, thus preserving the integrity of sampling environments,” McLoughlin stated. “Mueller is dedicated  to achieving the highest standards of quality and safety for all Mueller products  when it comes to our drinking water.”  

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“I thank Mr. McLoughlin for his very informative, in-depth presentation,” Andrew N. Bader, President of the NSWCA and Plainview Water Commissioner said. “As stewards of the water supply and protects of our sole source aquifer  here on Long Island, NSWCA members are always eager to learn about new and innovative ideas as part of our ongoing Water Conservation and Sustainability Educational Series.”