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Ty Fuller Addresses Commissioners

Ty Fuller, P.G., Chairman of the Long Island Water Conference addressed a full house of NSWCA water commissioners on pressing issues of the day.

“We all live or work here on Long Island,” Mr. Fuller observed. “We, the professionals who manage, oversee and deliver the water to consumers, need unity, a focused voice that takes into consideration the needs of people across the island and is accurately communicated to the public. We must better share our experience, ideas and scientific data to build support for the common good, whether it involves reaching out to the legislature or to the people in our own districts.”

Mr. Fuller who is also Director of Strategic Initiatives and Lead Hydrogeologist for the Suffolk County Water Authority (Oakdale, NY), covered pressing issues in his presentation to the assembled commissioners. He commented that greater funding from New York State is essential to rectifying the current state of affairs, citing that a portion of the presently allocated $2.5 Billion dollars is earmarked for sewer remediation as opposed to the issues about drinking water. He further noted that funding consideration, including the potential piercing of the mandated tax cap, must be governed by individual district needs, not arbitrary numbers.


Also, Mr. Fuller called for action to change the statute of limitations for polluters of the Long Island water supply. “We must have a real-time clock reset regarding the ability to sue and to hold polluters responsible for the residual problems associated with their deeds and actions.”

NSWCA 1stVice President William Schuckmann (Commissioner, Hicksville Water District) chaired the meeting in the absence of NSWCA President Michael F. Rich III.  “Mr. Fuller’s remarks were incisive, to the point and meaningful to both our Association and to the wellbeing of Long Island’s consumers. We thank Ty for his views and energetic presentation tour group.”