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Training on Value of Internal Audits

NSWCA commissioners were recipients of a detailed training session on internal audits from CPAs Alexandria Battaglia and Brendan Nelson of R.S. Abrams & Co., LLP (Islandia, New York). In business for over 75 years, the accounting firm provides auditing services in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess counties. Their presentation centered on the “Value of Internal Audits” and included:

  • The Purpose of Internal Audits
  • Internal and External Auditing: Key Factors Differentiating factors
  • Internal Audit Function Misconceptions


Perhaps most valuable topic of all presented to the attendees was the education on “How Water Districts Can Better Utilize the Internal Auditor”. This delved into subject matter such as  Valuation of Controls Beyond Transactional Cycles, Investigating Less Costly Alternatives To Achieve Equivalent Results, Evaluation of Operational Areas, and Best Practices. The educational training presentation also explored the “Top Ten Internal Control Deficiency is Cited in the New York State Comptroller’s Reports- Local Government”.