Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association


TIPS…Winterizing Conservation Solutions For Your Home

  • Are your water pipes located in an unheated or poorly heated area of your house? Cover the pipes with insulation to prevent freezing.
  • Turn off the water leading outdoors and open each outdoor faucet.
  • Turn off outside spigot valves from within your home and leave valves open outside so that the water line will drain to prevent frozen or burst pipes.
  • Winterize irrigation systems by turning off and draining them.
  • Always remember to check or listen for leaks, especially during the cold winter months. If a frozen pipe bursts, it can cause serious property damage!
  • Know where your shut-off valve is located in case of emergency.
  • Check the meter pit covers on your lawn to see that they are closed tight. Loose covers can allow your meter to freeze during cold windy nights. If you find that your meter pit cover is loose, call the District to have it properly locked.