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Infrastructure Discussed

Infrastructure was the educational topic of the day at the recent NSWCA meeting in Williston Park, New York. Guest speaker Adam Szczesniak of Suez Water Advanced Solutions (formerly Utility Service Group) used a PPT presentation to discuss water quality and a wide gamut of related services, including wells, valves, robotically sprayed pipe lining, and pigging (interior scouring of water pipes).

Above: Adam Szczesniak of Suez and NSWCA President Vincent Abbatiello.


Mr. Szczesniak focused a large part of the discussion on water tanks both the need for maintenance and ways to control costs of maintenance.  “Steel storage tanks can last for a hundred years, if they properly maintained.” He stated.

“Proper maintenance includes interior and exterior coatings and regular inspections for safety, sanitary and security and other concerns,” as well as ensuring OSHA standards. Mr. Szczesniak pointed out that neglected leaks can become major problems and waste untold amounts of water. He noted that replacement of water storage tanks runs into the millions of dollars and that programmatic inspection and maintenance can save water districts future engineering and procurement costs and time and provide the versatility to focus on other projects.