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Stan Carey on Aquifer Protection & LICAP

Massapequa Water District Superintendent Stan Carey, who is NSWCA¹s representative to the Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection (LICAP), updated NSWCA members on the newly-formed LICAP commission. LICAP is a bi-county commission that addresses quantity and quality issues re: Long Island’s aquifer system including contamination, waste, saltwater intrusion, mismanagement and usage. The meeting was hosted by Locust Valley Water District Commissioners Pasquale J. Eliseo, Anker Johansen and Louis P. Savinetti.


Stan Carey & NSWCA water commissioners meeting photo

During his address, Mr. Carey reported, “opening meetings reaffirmed LICAP’s mission, goals and deliverables. Significant among those are an annual State of the Aquifer Report and a history of Long Island¹s water supply and resources.  Equally important is the establishment of two committees, the 2040 Water Resource Opportunities Subcommittees and 2040 Water Resources and Infrastructure Committee.”

“LICAP has a very important role to play on a very important subject,” stated NSWCA President and Massapequa Water District Commissioner Thomas P. Hand.  “Through Mr. Carey¹s active involvement, the collective voices of NSWCA¹s 21 commissioner-run districts and all of those they represent will be heard. We endorse the comprehensive planning for the protection of Long Island¹s groundwater and the solutions to safeguard Long Island¹s aquifers.²

Appointed to LICAP by NSWCA Board of Commissioners for his vast experience and dedication to the water industry, Mr. Carey is a Suffolk County resident with 30 years of water utility experience and is Superintendent of Massapequa Water District, 2nd Vice Chairman of Long Island Water Conference, member of American Water Works Association and a volunteer fireman.  He has an Applied Science degree in Public Water Supply and is a certified water treatment operator. LICAP commission members are unpaid.