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Schweitzer Speaks On Employee Safety

Karl Schweitzer, Commissioner of the Hicksville Water District led a special presentation on Public Employee Safety and Health Employee Training Requirements during a recent NSWCA meeting hosted by Plainview Water District Commissioners Joel R. Kessler (Chairman), Andrew N. Bader and Marc B. Laykind.

Mr. Schweitzer, a past NSWCA President, spoke about OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and PESH (Public Safety and Health Bureau)  while emphasizing bothworker responsibilities as well as the rights and responsibilities of  water districts. “It is important for workers to follow their employer’s safety and health rules and to report any hazardous conditions to a supervisor or safety committee,” Mr. Schweitzer stated. “In turn, an employer must provide a safe, healthy workplace and follow OSHA standards.”

PESH, created in 1980, provides protection to all public sector employees at the state and local level, and enforces safety and health standards advocated under OSHA. Mr. Schweitzer gave some examples of recent PESH visits within Plainview Water District and discussed minimum employee training requirements including Emergency Action Plans and protection from possible exposure to hazardous materials.


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