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Ordway on Backflow

Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association Meeting Examines New Technology: Industry Expert Josh Ordway Leads Presentation

Carle Place, New York, USA . . . As part of an on-going Educational Speaker Series, the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA), which represents 21 voter-elected Long Island water districts, met for a presentation on water backflow automation by VEPO Solutions, of Elmsford, New York.

Backflow within potable water systems is a serious, undesirable condition where pressure drops can accidentally allow water to flow back into the water distribution system, opening the potential for pollutants to enter. Mr. Josh Ordway, VEPO Solutions Vice President Marketing and Sales, led the discussion stressing the importance of water backflow management and control of such possibilities. VEPO’s CrossConnex product and service offerings represent green solutions that are expressly designed to fully automate and improve backflow management programs within Long Island water districts.

A recognized backflow expert, Mr. Ordway described how this advanced technology enhances and improves existing backflow management programs and also helps to ensure full compliance with all Nassau/Suffolk County regulations, as well as the Safe Water Drinking Act. Most importantly, this technology aids in protecting the health and safety of water consumers, by preventing both chemical contamination (i.e. sodium hydroxide, insecticides, etc.) and bacterial contamination (i.e. typhoid, dysentery, salmonella, etc).

Photo: Left to Right: NSWCA Secretary Patricia Peterson of the Locust Valley Water District; 1st Vice President Amanda Field of the Plainview Water District; NSWCA President William Schuckmann of the Hicksville Water District; NSWCA Treasurer Lawrence F. Zaino Jr. of the Carle Place Water District;2nd Vice President John F. Coumatos of the Bethpage Water District.

Photo Credit: PP Stanco, PMG

NSWCA President and Hicksville Water District Commissioner Mr. William Schuckmann commented, “as an Association that represents over 620,000 consumers, we are dedicated to understanding and implementing new environmentally safe and green solutions in our water distribution systems. We were very pleased with the presentation conducted by Mr. Ordway. The technology reviewed is highly important to all our member districts as we seek to improve safety, while also pursuing cost savings and greater efficiencies. We thank VEPO for sharing their time and knowledge.”

Photo: NSWCA President William Schuckmann of the Hicksville Water District

Photo Credit: PP Stanco, PMG