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NSWCA Hears Hydrant Advancements

At a recent Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) meeting hosted by Franklin Square Water District Commissioners Salvatore Intagliata, Madeline Presta and Ralph Pugliese, guest speaker Mr. Andrew McLoughlin, Territory Manager from Mueller Co., presented a program on the advancements in fire hydrant technology.

Mr. McLoughlin discussed the history and construction of fire hydrants, bringing the commissioners up to the present with new painting systems, the use of personalized color, hydrant QR tagging, and the and latest security devices.

“Performance and longevity are the real tests of a fire hydrant.” Mr. McLoughlin commented. “Lives and property depend on the swift delivery of water through an easily accessed hydrant.” In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, Mr. McLoughlin demonstrated the internal workings with a cutaway model of a typical hydrant and the tools necessary to repair and maintain a hydrant in the field.

“The march of technology continues even with something as time-proven as the fire hydrant.” Raymond Averna, President of the NSWCA and Massapequa Water Commissioner said. “As stewards of the water supply here on Long Island, the NSWCA is always eager to learn about new and innovative ideas. I thank Mr. McLoughlin for this very detailed and informative presentation.”

Photo:  L to R:  Plainview Water Commissioner and NSWCA First VP Andy Bader; Mueller Territory Manager Andrew McLoughlin; NSWCA President and Massapequa Water Commissioner Raymond Averna; Hicksville Water Commissioner and NSWCA Treasurer Bill Schuckmann; Oyster Bay Water Commissioner and NSWCA Secretary  Michael Rich.