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Manzari: Locating Subterranean Leaks

At a recent Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) meeting, guest speaker Mr. Mark Manzari, addressed the commissioners on subsurface utility engineering, in particular leak detection and field-to-finish infrastructure data collection.

Mr. Manzari, Vice President and Director of Operations at NYLD Infrastructure, New York Leak Detection, Inc., discussed how water districts can utilize state-of-the-art location and mapping technologies to deliver on site, real time utility location and depth information, as well as leak locations and condition assessments. Several Long Island Water Districts utilize these services including the Hicksville, Glenwood, Manhasset-Lakeville and Franklin Square.

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“Detecting leaks is the first step toward repairing them, which conserves natural resources and contains costs,” Mr. Manzari pointed out. “Savings in terms of labor, cost and time are often realized and infrastructure integrity is preserved. Advanced location technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar are being used to verify locations of waterlines resulting in more accurate identification of problems or potential problems. Long Island, with thousands of miles of aging subterranean infrastructure, is a prime candidate for this technology.”

Mr. Raymond Averna, President of the NSWCA, and Massapequa Water Commissioner, commented, “The NSWCA’s Continuing Education Series connects expert professionals with our NSWCA Commissioners who are closest to Long Island’s water supply. We greatly appreciate Mr. Manzari’s informative presentation, and view such services as potential conservation tools in our efforts to enhance the protection of Long Island residents and our sole source supply of water.”