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Hicksville WD Hits 100!

A century of service for Hicksville Water District.

For 100 years, the Hicksville Water District has proudly served the highest quality water to Hicksville residents. To help honor this monumental occasion, the District created an educational and fun resource to celebrate their history,  accomplishments and their overall role within the community.

While the faces and technology used to treat and deliver water  to the Hicksville community have changed over the years, the traditions of excellent service and a safe, reliable water supply remain the same.

The District also created a commemorative calendar with numerous  photographs from the District’s past 100 years including images of HWD staff, commissioners, superintendents, infrastructure and facilities. Please refer to the Hicksville Water District website at

Congratulations to the staff, commissioners and superintendent of Hicksville Water District on a job well done for 100 years!