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Ground Penetrating Radar and Leak Detection

Carle Place NY, USA . . . A recent Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association Education Series meeting held remotely by teleconference focused on the topic of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and its numerous advantages for water suppliers. The New York Leak Detection (NYLD)  team based in Jamesville, New York, led by Zander Seaman made the presentation.

“GPR is a non-invasive imaging technology that uses high-frequency radio waves to detect subsurface objects”, stated Zander Seaman, Subsurface Consultant. “It is ideal for organizations seeking to avoid costly delays or damages that can occur when underground obstructions are unexpectedly encountered. GPR works by beaming high-frequency radio wave pulses into the ground and interpreting reflections received at the surface. The resulting images are similar to x-rays but without the risks of radiography. Field technicians interpret the images to determine the location and depth of utility installations, geologic formations and other objects in real time.”



In addition to the discussion on GPR and its use in locating underground structures, the NYLD presentation covered the theory of leak detection. Leak detection is the employment of advanced technologies to accurately locate a leak on a buried pipeline. The discussion included equipment employed in identifying and locating water leaks, the coordination effort between water department operators and the leak survey crews, and the advantages of system-wide leak detection surveys among other topics. The presentation was followed by a detailed Q&A session. New York Leak President Mike Goodfellow and Director of Operations Steve Darcangelo participated in the presentation and the lively Q&A session.







“Ground Penetrating Radar is a tool that is finding great acceptance in many fields, especially in environmentally sensitive applications,” stated NSWCA President and Hicksville Water District Commissioner William Schuckmann. “For example, for water suppliers and others in the water industry, GPR can determine depth to bedrock or water tables and identify metallic and non-metallic pipelines, water mains, subterranean storage tanks and cable banks. I greatly appreciate the detailed presentation that the representatives of NYLD gave to our audience.

The meeting was hosted by Massapequa Water District, with former NSWCA President and current Massapequa Water District Commissioner Raymond Averna providing the history of the District.







About NYLD: Founded in the early 90’s, New York Leak Detection, Inc. is a Subsurface Utility Engineering firm specializing in leak detection, underground utility locating, subsurface piping video inspection and subsurface infrastructure asset management.  They have assisted numerous municipalities, utilities, construction companies and developers nationwide obtain the information they need to solve a variety of subsurface utility problems.  NYLD offers Utility Location, Utility Mapping, Leak Detection, Valve Exercising, Video Inspection and other services to help organizations reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and maintain infrastructure so that they may better service their customers.