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4 Nassau County Water Districts Observe 100 Years of Service Anniversary

NSWCA Members Bethpage, Jericho, Franklin Square and Oyster Bay Water Districts commemorate 100 years of dedicated service to their respective communities

The Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association has announced that four of its 21 member Districts will celebrate a century of service in 2023, according to NSWCA President Patricia Peterson.

“This is an historic industry achievement right here on Long Island that is very likely unprecedented in the United States,” stated NSWCA President Patricia Peterson, who is also a Chairwoman of the Locust Valley Water District. “The fact is that the Bethpage, Jericho, Franklin Square and Oyster Bay Water Districts are voter-elected and commissioner-run Districts is a testimony to a system that has been perfected over time and guarantees local control.”

The Bethpage Water District, Jericho Water District, Franklin Square Water District and Oyster Bay Water District all have different plans to commemorate the historic events. These range from special events and historic timelines dating from the presidency of Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) to open houses, archival photography and web-based educational columns and articles for children and adults.

Providing an uninterrupted supply of quality water generally goes unnoticed, President Peterson added, “because water is taken for granted, especially on Long Island. Whenever you turn the tap, the spigot or the shower knob, the water is there, and it meets all the local, federal and ultra-stringent New York State standards.”

The four centenarian Districts epitomize the uninterrupted provision of billions of gallons of water to consumers and businesses year in and year out for a century despite hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms and even Superstorm Sandy.

As the populations of each District have grown, all four have adapted technology to meet the increased demand, infrastructure management and quality challenges, an unwanted legacy from previous era.