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Financing Water Projects

Oyster Bay Water District Commissioner Robert McEvoy

Each month, the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) provides information through its Educational Speaker Series and Training Programs. At a recent meeting, Oyster Bay Water District Commissioner and former NSWCA President Robert McEvoy provided an in-depth look into financing water projects by going to bond through local townships. Mr. McEvoy brings over 35 years of public service experience to the fold and is the current Comptroller for the Town of Oyster Bay.

The presentation addressed many topics including how to initiate a project and develop a timeline, town board requirements, engaging engineers for specifications and conclusions…to SEQRA hearings and determinations, public hearings and bond resolution.

“There are many steps within the process to secure bonding,” commented Commissioner McEvoy. “Larger projects may require planning and development, while other projects have a more seamless and less intrusive approach. The bottom line is to create a calculated plan, ensure all steps are covered, document everything, and create a compelling presentation with all benefits associated at the public hearing.”

“Voter-Elected Commissioners have a profound responsibility to the residents we serve within our respective Districts. We continually maintain our technology and are constructing advanced treatment systems to deliver an uninterrupted supply of quality water,” stated NSWCA President and Locust Valley Water District Commissioner and Chairperson Patricia Peterson. “By going to bond, we are able to secure funding at very affordable rates to lessen the burden on our rate payers. As Commissioners, we are fiscally prudent, and securing grant dollars also helps to pay down the bonds in shorter time.”

President Peterson added, “We are grateful to have Commissioner McEvoy sit as our Committee Chair for Government Relations and Auditing. His continual education on this topic is extremely important given the current climate on Long Island and New York State regarding regulation and compliance. We are thankful for his experience and to provide guidance for all District Commissioners.”