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Examining Geothermal Energy

At a recent Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ (NSWCA) meeting hosted by the Greenlawn Water District and Commissioners William Wieck, James Logan and John McLaughlin, energy expert John Franceschina, P.E. presented a comprehensive overview of Long Island’s Geothermal Energy options. The presentation was the latest in NSWCA’s Continuing Education Series.

Mr. Franceschina is the Senior Manager of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response at Lockheed Martin, recently the Manager of PSEG LI’s residential energy efficiency programs (January 2014 – March 2015) and current President of Long Island Geothermal Organization. He explained how geothermal is renewable, clean energy that uses the earth’s heat to provide high efficiency heating and cooling for new and existing construction.

“Geothermal energy is good for Long Island,” remarked Franceschina. “Geothermal systems reduce the use of oil and oil tanks, lower the carbon foot print, and lower energy rates. They emit no smoke and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Currently, there are over 2,500 geothermal HVAC installations on Long Island.”

NSWCA President and Massapequa Water Commissioner President Thomas P. Hand stated, “In theory, the NSWCA supports any program that creates a greener Long Island. However, geothermal energy requires boring 6 to 8 feet down and underground temperature exchanges. We must be vigilant to ensure that proper measures are taken to thwart potential problems below ground where our single source aquifer resource resides.”