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Elected Long Island Water Commissioners Welcomed to NSWCA.

Voters in Nassau and Suffolk Counties have spoken recently electing or re-electing water commissioners in 21 Long Island commissioner-run water districts . Congratulations to all.

The Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA), consists of voter-elected water commissioners who are collectively responsible for providing potable drinking water to more than 620,000 consumers.

NSWCA President and Hicksville Water District Commissioner William Schuckmann commented, “Our members are unique in the water industry in that every Commissioner is elected by voters within each respective water district. This ensures that the majority views and opinions of the residents in each community are respected.

Every vote counts and every vote is counted. Given the impact of economics and environmental issues like water quality and conservation, this is more important today than ever before. I’m pleased to welcome all our new commissioners and returning colleagues in both Nassau County and Suffolk County as NSWCA members.”

The NSWCA congratulates the following water commissioners on their election and on NSWCA membership: