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Digital Provisions On Security

The NSWCA recently welcomed speakers Peter Noonan and Brian McCabe of Digital Provisions (Ronkonkoma, NY), a leading Long Island-based security integration company founded in 2000.  The pair provided an educational talk, discussing new ways to help secure infrastructure and to keep water district employees safe while on the job.

Mr. Noonan and Mr. McCabe described many new products and techniques, including video management systems, deployment of surveillance cameras, access control, one button lockdown and details of visitor management. They revealed potential applications for wireless technology cameras that can be viewed anywhere at any time from a Smartphone, Tablet or PC; thermal or infrared cameras for nighttime viewing; optical zoom cameras to monitor gauges, generators, RPZ valves and other high-value items; and text notifications when a failed entry attempt is made.

Training was a big component of the presentation. “Success in the security industry is measured in what situations do not happen or are prevented”, Peter Noonan stated. “Many companies install and move on quickly, which doesn’t necessarily solve the problem or lessen the threat. Beyond hardware, end-user training is critical to the success of the security system, and Digital Provisions trainers are dedicated to making a difference right from the beginning.”

“The security of our staff members and of our infrastructure are top priorities for all Association members,” said NSWCA President and Oyster Bay Water District Commissioner Michael F. Rich III. “Being able to see what is going on at remote locations from a centralized position in real-time is invaluable. We thank Peter and Brian for the detailed information provided and their ability to put it in proper perspective.”

Photo:  Left to Right:  Larry Zaino Carle Place Water District Commissioner and NSWCA Treasurer; Amanda Field Plainview Water District Commissioner and NSWCA Secretary; Kenneth P. Wenthen Jr., West Hempstead Water District Commissioner and NSWCA 2nd Vice President; Michael F. Rich III, Oyster Bay Water District Commissioner and NSWCA President;  Peter Noonan, Digital Provisions Vice President of Sales ; Brian McCabe, Digital Provisions Sales Manager.