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Day In Day Out Coverage

Donna Lupo, James J. Stanis and Donna Zuzio of J.J. Stanis and Company, Inc.

Providing an uninterrupted supply of water day in day out may not be quite as dangerous as the daily routines of police and fire services, but it is certainly not without its hazards. Protecting each district’s workforce with reliable insurance coverage is a necessity. A trio of experts from J.J. Stanis provided an important overview of new insurance products that addressed the concerns of commissioners in this area. The NSWCA recently welcomed guest speakers James J. Stanis, Donna Lupo and Donna Zuzio of J.J. Stanis and Company, Inc., a third-party health insurance administrator whose presentations included programs for both affordable dental and vision coverage.

Jim Stanis is the past Chair of the Business Associate Advisory committee of the New York State Association of School Business Officials (ASBO-New York), and is responsible for the planning of annual industry events in New York State including their annual conference.

Donna Zuzio, Account Executive has been in the insurance industry since 1998 and received her Bachelor of Administration Degree in Finance from Hofstra University.

Donna Lupo, Account Executive, began her career in 1986 and has worked with Met Life, Oxford and Olsten Health Services. Donna provides Sales and Service to a variety of businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to corporate accounts.

LVWD Superintendent, Charles Savinetti Jr.

The meeting was hosted by the Locust Valley Water District. LVWD Superintendent Charles Savinetti Jr. provided an update and overview of the district.