Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association


Home Winterizing Tips

1. Always know where your shut-off valve and water pipes are located in case of emergency.

2. Insulate water pipes in unheated areas to prevent freezing and subsequent thawing and bursting.  This will also reduce the amount of water that must be run before hot water is discharged from faucet or showers.

3. Shut down and thoroughly drain all lawn sprinkler systems.

4. Disconnect and drain all outside hoses to prevent freezing.  Outdoor hoses should be stored to prevent cracking.

5. Turn off outside spigots from inside the house, drain the lines and leave the spigots open.

6. Check meter pit covers to assure that they are securely bolted down and intact.  Any problems in this area should be immediately reported to your Water District service department.

7. For your safety and the public’s safety, keep fire hydrants free from snow or debris. Snow accumulation can bury fire hydrants.  Every second counts when there is a fire!